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All Buddhist Chanting

• Chinese Pureland Chants (MP3 Files)

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The accompanying text 'Vandana: Pali Devotional Chanting and Hymns ' is available in the BuddhaNet eBook Library :
Download PDF vandana02.pdf [726 KB]
Pali Devotional Hymns (MP3 Files)
Sung by Visarad Srima Ratnayaka
Mp3 01-hymn-01.mp3
235 KB
Mp3 02-hymn-02.mp3
761 KB
Nava Guna Gatha - The Nine Virtues of the Buddha.
Mp3 03-hymn-03.mp3
573 KB
Narasiha Gatha - Stanzas of the Lion of Men.
Mp3 04-hymn-04.mp3
666 KB
Paticca-samuppada - Reflection on the Wheel of Life.
Mp3 05-hymn-05.mp3
1,492 KB
Jayamangala Gatha - Stanzas of Victory and Blessings.
Mp3 06-hymn-06.mp3
302 KB
Caturarakkha Bhavana - Four Protective Meditations (Summary)
Mp3 07-hymn-07.mp3
216 KB
Chattamanavaka Gatha - Stanzas of the Triple Gem.
Selected verses from the Dhammapada
3,071 KB
Forty-six Verses.

The accompanying text 'Vandana: Pali Devotional Chanting and Hymns' is available in the BuddhaNet eBook Library :
Download PDF vandana02.pdf [726 KB]

The Buddhist Society of Western Australia Chanting Book (MP3 Files)
07 KB
Text of Pali Chanting - with English translations.
Mp3 1_chanting.mp3
2.4 MB
1. Dedication of Offerings. (NB: large file)
Mp3 2_chanting.mp3
600 KB
2. Preliminary Homage.
Mp3 3_chanting.mp3
750 KB
3. Recollection of the Buddha.
Mp3 4_chanting.mp3
620 KB
4. Recollection of the Dhamma.
Mp3 5_chanting.mp3
1.4 MB

5. Recollection of the Sangha.

Mp3 6_chanting.mp3
3.5 MB
6. The Metta Sutta: The Buddha's Words on Loving-kindness.
Mp3 7_chanting.mp3
5.1 MB

7. The Refuges and Precepts. (NB: large file size)

• Magnetic Buddha Dharma Chanting - Pali/English (MP3 Files)
Mp3 01_mbdc.mp3
1,643 KB
1. Homage.
Mp3 02_mbdc.mp3
2,264 KB
2. The Three Refuges.
Mp3 03_mbdc.mp3
4,321 KB
3. The Three Jewels.
Mp3 04_mbdc.mp3
3,195 KB
4. Revering the Buddha.
Mp3 05_mbdc.mp3
3,891 KB
5. Revering the Triple Gem.
Mp3 06_mbdc.mp3
3,076 KB
6. Loving-Kindness.
Mp3 07_mbdc.mp3
3,810 KB
7. Spreading Loving-Kindness.
Mp3 08_mbdc.mp3
3,866 KB
8. Verses of Protection.
Mp3 09_mbdc.mp3
4,884 KB
9. The Five Recollections.
Mp3 10_mbdc.mp3
3,465 KB
10. The Ten Perfections.
Mp3 11_mbdc.mp3
5,786 KB
11. Good Wishes.
Mp3 12_mbdc.mp3
1,492 KB
12. Dedication of Merit.
Vietnamese Chanting - Sino-Vietnamese (MP3 Files)
Mp3 vietchant01.mp3
2.921 KB
The Early Morning Great Bell Verse. (NB: large file size)
Mp3 vietchant02.mp3
4.067 KB
The Prayer for Harmony and Peace. (NB: large file size)
Pureland Chanting - Chinese (MP3 Files)
Mp3 Namo Amituofo.mp3
281 KB
Chant of Amitabha Buddha: Namo Amituofo!
Mp3 Namo Amitabha .mp3
5,075 KB
Namo Amitabha. (NB: large file size)
Chanting Om Mani Padme Hum - Chinese (MP3 Files)
Mp3 OmManiPadeHum .mp3
2,017 KB
Om Mani Padme Hum
Mp3 OmManiPadeHum.mp3
21,355 KB
Om Mani Padme Hum. (NB: very large file size)
Chanting of Nichiren Buddhism (MP3 Files)
Mp3 nam_myoho.mp3 2.201 KB Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo.
Mp3 nichiren_gong.mp3 3.224 KB Nam Myoho Renge Kyo/recitation 2nd/16th chap. Lotus Sutra

» Text of the Nichiren Chanting.

Pali Buddhist Chanting - Thai Style (MP3 Files)
From Wat Luang Phor Sodh Dhammakayaram, Thailand. Chanting Leader: Phra Bhavana Visutthikhun, abbot.
Mp3 Namo3refuges.mp3
201 KB
Namo tassa and The Three Refuges.
Mp3 Dhammachakka.mp3
2,139 KB
Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta (The Buddha's First Sermon).
Thai Buddhist Devotional Chanting:
Mp3 1_Thai_chanting.mp3
1,991 KB
1. An Invitation to the Devas.
Mp3 2_Thai_chanting.mp3
1,554 KB
2. Anussarana Patha chant.
Mp3 3_Thai_chanting.mp3
1,773 KB
3. Buddha Jaya Mangala Gatha.
Mp3 4_Thai_chanting.mp3
1,356 KB
4. Chaya Paritta chant.
Mp3 5_Thai_chanting.mp3
7,643 KB

5. Pali Tripitaka chant.

Mp3 6_Thai_chanting.mp3
2,640 KB
6. The Blessing chant.
Mp3 7_Thai_chanting.mp3
2,670 KB

7. Jinapanjara Gatha.

Mp3 8_Thai_chanting.mp3
3,670 KB
8. Devotional chant (1)
Mp3 9_Thai_chanting.mp3
3,649 KB
9. Devotional chant (2)
Phra Katha Chinabunchorn Mantra (wma file)
Mp3 Chinabunchorn Mantra.wma
321 KB
This is the greatest Katha mantra of all, Which Somdej To receive from an old scroll from Sri Lanka. The meaning of this Katha is great blessings and a chant for praying.
Paritta Pali Chanting - Burmese Style (MP3 Files)
Chanted by Venerable Sayadaw U Silananda, Rector of the International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University in Myanmar.
Mp3 Introduction
3,323 KB
Mp3 01_Paritta Pali chant
7,031 KB
Mp3 02_Paritta Pali chant
8,870 KB
Mp3 03_Paritta Pali chant
18,258 KB
Mp3 04_Paritta Pali chant
6,976 KB
Mp3 05_Paritta Pali chant
4,753 KB
Mp3 06_Paritta Pali chant
4,949 KB
Mp3 07_Paritta Pali chant
3,529 KB
Mp3 08_Paritta Pali chant
16,525 KB
Mp3 09_Paritta Pali chant
15,863 KB
Mp3 10_Paritta Pali chant
2,070 KB
Mp3 11_Paritta Pali chant
5,707 KB
Mp3 12_Paritta Pali chant
11,884 KB
Buddhist Mantras (WAV Format Files)
WAV omm.wav
92 KB
Mantra: OM MANI PADME HUM (Tibetan Buddhist)
WAV amtb8.wav
882 KB
Name of Amitabha Buddha: NAMO AMITABHA (Pure Land)
WAV gelug_chant.wav
55 KB
Chanting by Tibetan monks in the Gelugpa tradition.
RealAudio Files:
RealAudio Karaniya Metta Sutta (1, 078 KB) 56K modem
Pali chanting by the Thai monks of Wat Buddharangsee, Sydney, with English translation.
RealAudio The Chant of Metta ( 2,265 KB) 56K modem
The Chant of Metta - a musical rendition by Imee Ooi.

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